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How to create a personalised company email address?

It is important to create and personalise your company email address, even if you do not have a website.

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Why create a personalised email address?

You gain professional credibility and increase your visibility with your customers and suppliers as they quickly identify the source of your email. Avoid the email addresses proposed by your access provider (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Orange, Wanadoo etc.). Although they are free, they do not give visibility to your company and it is like advertising the provider and not you! A personalised e-mail address is a sign of seriousness and a sign of the durability of your company.

How do you do?

Buy a domain name from a regulated host

This service usually includes the configuration of personalised e-mail addresses. The financial commitment for a domain name is minimal: from 5€ per year, depending on the chosen extension and the registrar (example of registrars: 1 & 1 Ionos, OVH etc.).

Personalise your email address

For example, by creating addresses such as: "". You can also vary your e-mail address according to your activity (

Integrate and synchronise your personalised e-mail address with your e-mail tool

Fill in the addresses of the requested servers (called POP, IMAP and SMTP) that can be accessed from your account with your hosting company and a password. - Add the email address in the settings of your email service.


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