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Work from home solution, equipment set up in Hérouville-Saint-Clair, Caen, Calvados, Normandy

Work from home solution

To set up teleworking, our teams support you from the purchase of equipment to the deployment of software essential for teleworking. Remote working can be just as effective when you are well equipped.

How do I adopt teleworking in my company?

Theoretically, all professional categories can benefit from teleworking. However, the profile of certain positions may prevent the implementation of teleworking. A company or branch agreement can thus determine the categories of people or the types of position concerned by teleworking. For more details, find our article Who are the employees concerned by teleworking?

Our solution


Provide a laptop docking station at the workplace, as well as at the home of the teleworker so that he finds the same working conditions.

Installing a NAS in the company allows data to be centralized and accessed remotely.

Once set up, the teleworker can remotely create and modify centralized files, he can attend meetings, all from his home.


Via the internet, teleworking is connected to company data.

What should I install in my business?

A network attached storage server, or NAS (Network Attached Storage), is a stand-alone file server, connected to a network, the main function of which is the storage of data in a centralized volume.

See our page dedicated to data backup.

Which installation for the home?

  • A versatile laptop notebook.

  • A mouse, a keyboard (wired or wireless).

  • A fixed monitor allowing the dual screen.


  • A docking station to which all peripherals are connected and which allows you to be operational in an instant when you connect your laptop (A single cable allows you to recharge the computer and connect all the peripherals).

  • A wired or wireless headset to enter a call or attend meetings.

Our offer

1500 € HT

for the purchase and installation of our complete solution

Or on estimate for personalized material

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